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Eva Shockey

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Eva Shockey appeared on stage at the Mississippi Wildlife Federation's Wildlife Extravaganza throughout the show.

Eva Shockey appeared on stage at the Mississippi Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Extravaganza throughout the show.

Eva Shockey

Eva Shockey was the headline speaker at the Mississippi Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Extravaganza held in Jackson recently and she didn’t disappoint fans or attendees. Shockey, born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, displayed a maturity, poise and enthusiasm for hunting and life that belied her age and it showed through her actions and speaking during her seminars and appearances. The young world traveler is indeed a positive role model for youths and people everywhere.

Shockey was the first female to appear on the cover of Field and Stream in over 30 years and she’s now appearing on the Outdoor Channel and at wildlife shows around the world. Eva has been traveling the world and hunting with her dad, Jim Shockey, a well known outdoorsman, hunter and television host, who may be the most well-known hunter of our times.

“I grew up hunting with my dad and brother, but I didn’t shoot myself,” said Shockey. “It took a while but then I realized that I could be a lady and still enjoy my hunting.”

And what a hunter this young lady has become. “I started harvesting game myself at 20 years of age and I’m 26 now and really enjoy it,” Shockey said. This avid hunter employs a variety of weapons depending upon whats legal where she’s hunting. “I’ve harvested game with bows, muzzleloaders, rifles and even air rifles,” she said.

“I prefer using a bow when I can, but I do find it very challenging so I still use a gun when I can, so I probably do more rifle hunting,” said Shockey. “But I do like to use a bow.”

Though relatively young by a hunter’s standards, this exciting young lady has already harvested a wide variety of game from around the world during her travels including quite a few whitetails also.

“We have a really nice Saskatchewan whitetail area and I’ve harvested several deer up there,” Shockey said. Shockey has harvested moose and caribou in the Yukon, as well as bear.

“I’ve always been in front of a camera my whole life, but I’ve done it full time the last 4 years and I’ve also harvested a variety of animals in Africa,” said Shockey. “I’ve been very blessed.” Shockey went to a University in Australia and graduated with a degree in business marketing in 2 ½ years on the fast track program and by the looks of things she’s really putting the knowledge gained to good use.

“I use Facebook because I can be out there and touch base with so many people that I can’t meet in person,” said Shockey.

Eva Shockey, Mikayla Giles

Eva Shockey greeted many fans at the MWF Wildlife show and she’s pictured here with Mikayla Giles at the Primos booth.

Shockey would feel right at home down south during the spring turkey season also, as she harvested her first gobbler in California recently, with the use of a Crossman 22 caliber Air Rifle. They opened up an air gun season in the state recently and Shockey took full advantage of it by harvesting a gobbler with a quick clean head shot.

“The guide we were hunting with said it was the first animal he’d seen harvested with an air rifle in 21years of guiding,” said Shockey. And what might be her favorite style of hunting you might ask? “I like spot and stalk hunting for Yukon moose,” said Shockey. “It’s amazing, the combination of the animal and the location.”

Shockey has an enthusiasm and passion for life, hunting and people and the sky’s the limit for this young lady. May she continue to spread her good news and passion for the outdoors around this great country and world.


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