Adopt-A-Stream Mississippi is a program that promotes environmental stewardship through training workshops, outdoor field activities, youth educational programs and by introducing participants to watershed action projects. It wants to involve citizens, like you, in stream stewardship and water quality monitoring. The common theme of the Adopt-A-Stream program is caring for and learning to conserve our water resources. Adopt-A-Stream is funded through a Nonpoint Source grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) under §319(h) of the Clean Water Act. This grant is then administered by the Mississippi Wildlife Federation.

Mississippi is fortunate to have abundant water resources. Streams, lakes and marshes provide homes for aquatic life and help maintain the sensitive balance of nature. Mississippi’s waters are excellent resources for fishing, swimming, and canoeing. Rivers are a vital source for drinking water, agriculture and industry. The quality of that water affects all of these uses. Everyone needs to play their part in protecting these resources for the future.

Get Involved

Help Keep Mississippi's Streams Clean
You can get involved by simply contacting the Mississippi Wildlife Federation and expressing an interest in the program and becoming a Stream Steward!

Adopt-A-Stream Goals

  • To educate Mississippi citizens about the value of clean streams, rivers, and estuaries and how pollution from point and nonpoint sources affects water quality, wildlife, and fisheries, and ultimately humans.
  • To collect baseline data on all streams and rivers in Mississippi for use as indicators of stream health.
  • To use the data to promote clean up of polluted streams and to maintain the health of clean streams for our children.
  • To educate citizens about ways to have a positive impact in their watershed.
  • To foster sustainable behaviors that improve watersheds.