Certified Wildlife Habitat

Certified Wildlife Habitat™

Do you love wildlife, nature and all the beauty and wonder it supplies us, but feel like you don’t have the resources or time to promote or protect it?? Great news! In partnership with NWF, we are launching a new program that helps you cultivate wildlife in your own backyard – and certify your yard as a wildlife habitat!
Swallowtail, Yellow

Photo by Stephen Kirkpatrick

5 Key Elements When Designing Spaces in Your Backyard

Food – Wildlife need a constant food supply. Native plants that can be eaten by a variety of wildlife is a must. Feeders that can supplement the natural food sources in your area are also a suggested options.

Water – Water is a necessary survival component for all living creatures. Bird baths, streams, ponds or lakes are examples of water sources for wildlife.

Cover – Wildlife need cover to shelter from weather, predators and for hunting. Prime examples are wooded areas, dense shrubs, ground cover and evergreens.

Place to raise young – In order for wildlife to survive and reproduce they must have a safe and nurturing place for their young. Trees with cavities, dens in the ground, thickets and bush are all suitable homes for raising wildlife.

Sustainable Practices – By maintaining your yard or garden in natural ways will ensure clean soil, air and water for the safety of all wildlife. Commit to reducing or eliminating pesticides or chemicals, capture rainwater for your water source and removing invasive exotic plants are just a few examples of making your habitat safe and desirable for wildlife.

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With little time or money you can do your part to preserve and protect nature’s most precious resources. We can help you find all the resources you need to cultivate YOUR dream wildlife habitat – whether you want to attract and enjoy pollinators such as bees and butterflies, watch squirrels frolic in your yard, attract local deer that need shelter and food, or just sit by your window while watching and listening to a variety of Mississippi’s native birds living right outside your own door.

When you certify through this link or download the paper application, you will receive a joint certification through the National Wildlife Federation and the Mississippi Wildlife Federation! $5 from the certification fee comes back to MWF. Thank you for your support!