One-Day Workshop

Adopt-A-Stream is a program that promotes environmental stewardship through training workshops, outdoor field activities and by introducing participants to watershed action projects.

The one-day workshop places emphasis on your particular watershed and its needs. The program provides a basic study of your watershed as well as hands-on training in chemical and biological parameters important to a healthy stream. A field trip to a local stream is usually recommended as part of the workshop if a stream is available. This allows for use of the lessons learned in the classroom.

In addition, the workshop will:

  • Increase awareness of nonpoint source pollution
  • Introduce surveying and mapping of your watershed
  • Increase watershed protection awareness and possible actions that can be taken to help your watershed. It Begins at Home is a new program with ideas about projects such as;
    • Storm Drain Marking
    • Stream Clean-ups
    • Recycling
    • Advocacy and More

Who Should Participate?
Educators, environmental educators, Envirothon Team Advisors, Scout troop leaders, watershed team leaders, land managers, advocacy groups, concerned citizens and others. These workshops can be requested on their own or inserted into other multi-day workshops. The workshop usually takes about 5-6 hours but can be extended or shortened as needed. The workshop can be tailored to your group’s needs. All materials are included for the workshop.
If you are interested in an Adopt-A-Stream program you may contact Debra Veeder, Adopt-A-Stream Director at (601)605-1790 or for more information.