4th Annual Gator Bait Hatchling Race

Sep 06 • Paul Davis

Date: September 16, 2017
Location: Lakeshore Park on the Reservoir, Brandon, MS
Time: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Put your swim trunks on and get ready to paddle because Saturday, September 16th the 4th Annual Gator Bait Race is back on! The kayak race is just for kids ages 5-13 but bring the whole family because there is plenty to do.

Our goal is to introduce kids to the sport of kayaking, foster a love for the outdoors, and instill a desire to protect their outdoor environment for generations to come.

The course length is tailored to each age group and ranges from 250 yards to 1 mile. There are 2 races per age group; Rental Kayaks (provided to all), Individual Kayaks (for those that own their own kayak), and Any Kayak (combination of rental and individual). Kids are encouraged to participate in as many races as they wish.

Where:   Lakeshore Park Brandon, MS
Cost:      $20 per racer Price Includes:

  • Kayak rental
  • T-shirt
  • Awards & Prizes
  • Swag Bag
  • Insurance required by the American Canoe Association

Classes are broken down into the following age groups. 5-7, 8-10, and 11-13. Class sizes are limited.

Registration now open.  Click here to register.

Newly Passed Legislation Could Impact Wildlife Prosecutions

Jul 06 • Paul Davis

Mississippi Conservation Law Enforcement Officers put their lives on the line protecting the wildlife, fisheries and natural resources of this state every day.  The sportsmen and citizens of Mississippi rely on these officers to enforce the laws that conserve our wildlife and protect our sporting heritage for future generations.  However, despite the hard work and diligence of these officers in building cases against wildlife violators, some of these cases are being dismissed despite overwhelming evidence that should warrant a conviction.

Violations of wildlife and fisheries laws in Mississippi are brought before the Justice Courts in their respective counties and many of those courts see repeated violations from the same violators.  The passage of Senate Bill 2628 during the 2017 Legislative session will allow for court reporters to be present during Justice Court proceedings at the expense of the person or entity who wishes to make a record of the proceedings.  The amended law, which was championed by the Mississippi River Landowners Alliance and the Mississippi Wildlife Federation, went into effect on July 1 and allows for parties, victims of crimes and property owners where crimes were committed, along with other interested entities such as law enforcement agencies, to hire court reporters to record the proceedings of the court session.  SB 2628 will provide a means of accountability for law enforcement officers, agencies, landowners and citizens who feel that wildlife violations are not being given their due diligence.  A list of available court reporters throughout Mississippi can be found at https://courts.ms.gov/Newsite2/cle/cr_roster_2015.pdf

The actual language of Senate Bill 2628 reads as follows:

“Any attorney of record or interested entity in any cause pending in a court, including justice court, which does not provide an official court reporter, may, in the discretion of the attorney or interested entity, record or have recorded any court proceeding in the cause by mechanical means or stenographically. Any expenses incident thereto shall be borne by the party or parties represented by the entity or attorney of record. The record of the court proceeding shall be used for impeachment purposes only. An interested entity includes, but is not limited to, the victim of a crime or a property owner on whose property a crime has been committed.”


Brandt Sowell Represents MWF in Nebraska

Jun 28 • Paul Davis

Longtime MWF volunteer Brandt Sowell is competing today in the National 4H Shooting Sports Competition in Grand Isle, Nebraska.

For more information on the event and how Brandt is shaping up against his fellow 4H archers please visit the 4H website:


Go Brandt!

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