Help Us Protect the Pearl River and All It Does for Wildlife

This past legislative session, you helped save $95 million of Mississippi taxpayers’ money from going towards construction of the proposed One Lake project on the Pearl River. The proposal would dam the Pearl River in an attempt to control flooding in the Greater Jackson area, but it would also risk the interests of MWF and other stakeholders, including downstream industry and coastal resources.

Though the U.S. Corps of Engineers is on record as preferring enhanced levees, One Lake is the Rankin-Hinds Pearl River Flood and Drainage Control District’s choice for flood control and economic development. The proposed One Lake and its dam could exacerbate existing flooding and low flow conditions while creating new environmental and public health problems for Jackson, the surrounding area, and downstream. A study assessing the impacts of One Lake is expected to be publicly released very soon.

If you wish to be heard during the public comment period, then please join the Mississippi Wildlife Federation (MWF) Camo Coalition for updates.

Marion County, Lawrence County, Hancock County, and Monticello, Mississippi, oppose the proposed project. In Louisiana, parishes bordering the Pearl River, St. Tammany and Washington, oppose the One Lake proposal, as well as two Louisiana municipalities, Bogalusa and Pearl River. The Mississippi Commission on Marine Resources and the oyster industries in both Louisiana and Mississippi have also passed resolutions opposing the One Lake proposal.

If the proposed project fails to deliver, there is no way to undo any negative impacts to wildlife and our natural heritage, or to undo any economic, social, environmental, and public health damages that could occur in the Jackson-metro area, and downstream all the way to the Gulf.

Rankin and Hinds Counties can achieve flood control without using a dam. MWF and its affiliates support nonstructural alternatives like floodway designs, if proven ecologically sound, and could possibly support an alternative that would not involve a dam and lake. A floodway would protect and improve important wildlife habitat, revenue-generating recreational opportunities, and regulated industries. And using a floodway to control flooding would be more effective, efficient, and economical.

Please join us in promoting a healthier alternative for the Pearl River. Join Camo Coalition.