Magnolia Records & Big Buck Contest


MWF Extravaganza - Magnolia Records & Big Buck Contest

SUBMISSIONS for both Magnolia Records and the Big Buck Contest will ONLY be accepted between the hours of NOON on Friday, July 30th and NOON on Saturday, July 31st

SCORING for both Magnolia Records and the Big Buck Contest will begin at noon on Friday and will be going on continuously until all the heads have been scored and judged, ending when awards are given out for the Big Buck Contest at 3pm on Sunday afternoon, August 1st


Magnolia Records

Any buck legally taken in Mississippi from any year that meets minimum qualifying scores (125 typical and 155 non-typical) after the prescribed 60-day drying period can be entered into Magnolia Records.   

Big Buck Contest

The Big Buck contest is for deer legally killed the previous year only, normally.  This year we will be awarding ribbons for two years, both the 2019-20 season as well as the 2020-21 season, since we were not able to hold the contest for the 2019-20 season. Deer cannot have been killed within a high fence enclosure, and must have been taken legally in Mississippi and dried for at least 60 days. Non-cash awards will be given in the following categories: 


Youth Female

Youth Male














*Mounts must be registered under the name of the hunter who harvested the deer.


*Mounts may be removed only between the hours of 3pm - 5pm Sunday 8/1.


*There will be 24-hour security to ensure all mounts are safe.


**All Big Buck Contest and Magnolia Records entries will receive a free weekend pass to the Extravaganza. 

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